Riverberazioni – EVO

“Riverberazioni”, sound poems to rediscover the present. This album is the result of an exploration process of the world around us and of what influences it, thanks to a subtle and light narrative of our daily life.

Alberto Braido aka EVO, born in 1997, is a young artist living in Vittorio Veneto – Italy. Riverberazioni, aims to sensitize and stimulate the listener to a more careful observation of the surrounding reality. His work is based on a solid foundation of sound and speech analysis, both fueled by the search for new perspectives, visual and emotional inputs.

Like other Alberto’s projects, such as MIR and his electronic live sessions, Riverberazioni was conceived between the school desks. This time, however, it is a solo project, developed in studio surrounded by analog and digital instruments and a great desire to develop his artistic potential.

At the end of his high school program, not convinced of the university study paths that had been proposed to him, he embarks on a new development adventure, “Bread and Culture: skills to work at the service of the arts” – a project promoted by the Circolo Cultura e Stampa Bellunese, with the collaboration of the Atlantide-Teatro Stabile of Verona, the Teatri delle Dolomiti Foundation and the support of the Cariverona Foundation.

Through the training course of “Bread and Culture”, Alberto moved to Verona where, from the top of the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony, he began to materialize the compositional ideas of Riverberazioni.

Riverberazioni was launched in December 2019 with a premiere at Palazzo Fulcis in Belluno as the soundtrack of the works on display created by Gabriele Grones during the Echoes exhibition.

In 2020 Alberto realizes that Riverberazioni acts as a perfect emotional catalyst to stimulate the listener to reflect and live differently the “new normal” caused by this pandemic. He then decides to work with the XYZ Creative Center in Conegliano – Italy – to plan and manage the strategic communication of the project on a larger scale.

With the support of Andrea Vascellari, aka Mode Zero and founder of XYZ, Alberto distills a new narrative to bring Riverberazioni to the ears of a wider audience than that encountered in the art galleries of the Belluno area.

Riverberazioni is finally available with a new digital release on March 9, 2021 from Alberto Braido’s personal BandCamp page.


Alberto Braido authorizes the download of this track for use in radio, podcast, television, YouTube and online streaming broadcasts.




Defected Gratitude Event

The Mode Zero team organized a special livestream dedicated to Simon Dunmore and Defected Records. Simon surprised us by sending a box filled with amazing records, this gratitude event to give back some good house music vibes to you all, passionate music lovers!

We are going to use these records in our vinyl mixing workshops and we hope that by enjoying this vinyl set, mixed by Andrea Vascellari – Mode Zero founder – you will get all the positive energy you need during this lockdown!

If you still have energy to keep on dancing after the set you can continue the party at the Defected Records HQ with the 24 hour stream mixed by DJ EZ! ?

Simon Dunmore’s Donation

Simon Dunmore, founder of Defected records and Glitterbox, donated to Mode Zero a jam packed case of records. This is a wonderful gift that will help us support the vinyl mixing workshops organized at our creative center, XYZ. A special thanks to Simon, the story and surprise announcement in the video below. Enjoy!

Mode Zero Presents

“Mode Zero Presents” is a special event that brings together emerging and established underground artists. The format is going to be the same used in pre-lockdown events, this time though instead of meeting in real life, we will be able to enjoy the whole event online.

The five hour music show will be live-streamed from the XYZ Creative Center in Conegliano – Italy. The artistic direction, artist contributions, production and organization of the event is coordinated by the Mode Zero team.

Lineup – Date – Time

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