Defected Gratitude Event

The Mode Zero team organized a special livestream dedicated to Simon Dunmore and Defected Records. Simon surprised us by sending a box filled with amazing records, this gratitude event to give back some good house music vibes to you all, passionate music lovers!

We are going to use these records in our vinyl mixing workshops and we hope that by enjoying this vinyl set, mixed by Andrea Vascellari – Mode Zero founder – you will get all the positive energy you need during this lockdown!

If you still have energy to keep on dancing after the set you can continue the party at the Defected Records HQ with the 24 hour stream mixed by DJ EZ! 😊

Simon Dunmore’s Donation

Simon Dunmore, founder of Defected records and Glitterbox, donated to Mode Zero a jam packed case of records. This is a wonderful gift that will help us support the vinyl mixing workshops organized at our creative center, XYZ. A special thanks to Simon, the story and surprise announcement in the video below. Enjoy!

Mode Zero Presents

“Mode Zero Presents” is a special event that brings together emerging and established underground artists. The format is going to be the same used in pre-lockdown events, this time though instead of meeting in real life, we will be able to enjoy the whole event online.

The five hour music show will be live-streamed from the XYZ Creative Center in Conegliano – Italy. The artistic direction, artist contributions, production and organization of the event is coordinated by the Mode Zero team.

Lineup – Date – Time

Show Playlist