“Here you can relax for a minute, learn more about me and Mode Zero. Enjoy, Andrea”

About Mode Zero

The term “Mode Zero” defines Andrea’s creative dimension where possibilities for new ideas are explored, tested and exchanged. It calls for simple concepts and expressions using everyday inputs.

Mode Zero’s mission is to inspire, foster and celebrate creativity.

About Andrea

Andrea Vascellari
Andrea Vascellari

Andrea is an Experience Architect.

He is an award-winning communications professional with over 15 years of professional experience. Andrea worked as Director of Digital and Content at WPP, world leader in advertising and marketing services, as Digital Planner at the leading global communications marketing firm Edelman, and as CEO of Itive an international digital strategy agency he founded with offices in Finland and New York.

He has been featured in numerous news and business publications, both in print and on the web, including Lifehacker, Wired Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Beside holding a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Andrea received his musical education in the beautiful region of Venice (Italy) where he was born in 1979. Guitarist at heart, he continued along with his studies at Berklee College of Music completing with distinction music production courses with professors Loudon Stearns and Erin Barra.

Currently based in London, he is a passionate art lover and member of Tate Modern – Britain’s national gallery of international modern art and forms.