I’m Andrea Vascellari aka Mode Zero, a passionate music lover, vinyl collector since 1992, live electronic performer and DJ from Conegliano in beautiful Venice region (Italy).

My music selection goes from jazz, disco, deep house to minimal techno.

I mix with vinyl and analogue pedals that are normally used by guitar and bass players. These pedals enable me to play more creatively and to give a unique sound texture to my sets. I love to surprise the audience with unexpected, unusual, forgotten or rare tracks to offer everyone on the dance floor a memorable experience.

I’m the founder of the XYZ Creative Center in Conegliano (Italy). We teach kids and adults music making and vinyl mixing workshops. By the end of 2023 we aim at launching our vinyl press to release limited series of local artists.

We run an ongoing series of XYZ parties focused on jazz, house and techno to develop the community and to keep educating them about classics and new music. The parties are hosted at our creative center and for larger events at local music venues.

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