Andrea Vascellari - Mode Zero

Hey, I’m Andrea Vascellari, and Mode Zero is where my creative side comes to life.

Back in September 2016 in London, I started using Mode Zero as a tag for my music projects. People got curious about my field recording sessions, so I thought, why not start a YouTube channel? That way, they could dive into my experimental music projects. Soon enough, Mode Zero became my alter ego for playing at underground music events.

I kicked off my music journey as a DJ and promoter in Italy during the 90s. From there, my music and event management background led me into the world of communications and experience design.

My travels took me to five continents, but I never stopped collecting records and making music. It wasn’t until recent years that I began sharing my creations through the Mode Zero project.

In 2019, I set up XYZ, a creative hub in my hometown Conegliano (Italy), to give back to the community. At XYZ, my team and I teach both kids and adults the ropes of deejaying and music production.

This website is XYZ’s digital sidekick, where you can catch a glimpse of our diverse creative ventures.

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  • XYZ unique visitors: 15,281.
  • Digital rooms visited at XYZ: 21,088.

A warm, welcoming, intimate environment where your creative musical ideas can blossom. XYZ is exactly the opposite of the great musical facilities we tend to associate with music studios.

The building is located in Conegliano, city of art and wine, surrounded by the beautiful Prosecco hills recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

10 minutes walk from Conegliano train station, XYZ offers parking and rooms for visiting guests and touring artists.

To get the best out of each music session you can enjoy snacks and meals made with fresh vegetables from our regenerative garden, a Finnish sauna, and some yoga time in a Japanese traditional tatami-mat room.

The building is powered by solar energy saving every year an average of 3,000 kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent of 113 trees planted.

Health and safety measures: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be required for entry depending on local mandates and conditions at the time of visit.