Mode Zero, aka Andrea Vascellari, is a electronic music producer, live performer and DJ from Conegliano in beautiful Venice region – Italy.

Andrea is known for his live electronic shows and for the unique sound selection of his vinyl DJ sets. He fell in love with music at a very early age immersed in jazz, funk, blues and rock family records. Andrea grew up as classically trained musician, then he became passionate about the progressive techno sounds that defined the mid 90s underground scene. His love for music led him to start his career as an artist gaining residences at top clubs in north-east Italy.

He then took off on an entrepreneurial journey around the globe. Finland, U.S.A., Brazil, U.A.E., Gabon, South Africa, U.K., every stop enriched his musical background. All the records he collected are now stored at the XYZ Creative Center he founded in Conegliano – Italy, his home town. This website is the extension of XYZ in the digital world.

Andrea dedicates his time to support the development of local artists in Italy. Known for his strong love for the underground scene, he keeps performing internationally with his live shows and DJ sets.