In 1997 I opened my first music production studio in my home town Conegliano (Italy). At the time there were many studios in town but I remember that they were all focusing on acoustic music. My studio was going in a different direction, it was all about electronic music. I named it A-PP which was an acronym for A-Project Productions, the first company I founded.

Most of the equipment I bought wasn’t available anywhere else in town. Different synthesizers, a soundproof room build underground to work without worrying about bothering neighbours day and night. I had the idea of using the space not only for music production but also to host events. Artists used it to work on their projects and all sorts of people loved to stop by for a visit or to simply listen to music that you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Everybody was welcome at A-PP.

It was small but packed with tools to unleash creativity through music. You could turn on a synth, mix vinyl records and jam together. From the very beginning the idea was to create a space where you could simply walk in and unlock creativity. That was it.

The A-PP studio was the actual foundation on which I built the next 20 years of projects. The focus always remained on experience design, on how to create something unique, something that can offer people memorable experiences. Everything started from music and evolved into PR, marketing and communications. After this first step I kept working on projects based in Europe, U.S.A, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Reordering my archive I found these shots taken between 1998 and 2002. Enjoy.