Canvas 11

Canvas 11

The song I used as soundtrack for the episode you just watched is “Canvas 11”.

The Canvas series is a collection of untitled musical ideas. Most tracks are played and recorded live. They are highly experimental, and roughly polished – note mixed or mastered.

I came up with the idea of the Canvas series back in 2014 when I was living in Dubai. I was going through an incredibly productive period and I needed to define a framework to quickly funnel and organise the creative ideas I was working on.

The process I use to create “Canvases” is always very simple.

  • I frame a concept. It can be an idea or a theme that I want to explore.
  • I work on sound design. I quickly give body and shape to the concept.
  • I play it and record it live. Most tracks are played with synths or custom MIDI controllers setups.

I never invest more than one hour to work on a Canvas. The outcome is a track that I use as creative brief for future work or as stand alone musical concept that I can further work on, polish, mix and master.