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There are many keys to enter XYZ. Keep watching and exploring Mode Zero’s videos. Don’t forget to bookmark pages rooms like this if you want to visit again. This room may look different in future.

Why don’t you start from this video to find new keys. Keep your eyes open…

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Canvas 11

Canvas 11

The song I used as soundtrack for the episode you just watched is “Canvas 11”.

The Canvas series is a collection of untitled musical ideas. Most tracks are played and recorded live. They are highly experimental, and roughly polished – note mixed or mastered.

I came up with the idea of the Canvas series back in 2014 when I was living in Dubai. I was going through an incredibly productive period and I needed to define a framework to quickly funnel and organise the creative ideas I was working on.

The process I use to create “Canvases” is always very simple.

  • I frame a concept. It can be an idea or a theme that I want to explore.
  • I work on sound design. I quickly give body and shape to the concept.
  • I play it and record it live. Most tracks are played with synths or custom MIDI controllers setups.

I never invest more than one hour to work on a Canvas. The outcome is a track that I use as creative brief for future work or as stand alone musical concept that I can further work on, polish, mix and master.


Congrats! You found your way in. This is XYZ, Mode Zero’s digital headquarter. The KEY you used took you to this room. The content of the rooms changes so bookmark this place, the next time you visit it might look a little different 😉

At the moment XYZ is used mainly as digital space to work on creative projects, so several areas of the building are still closed to the public… but keep searching for keys, they will open new doors!

Since you made it this far… Enjoy this special video!

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